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During the four weeks of Advent, we will look at four readings from the Psalms, written many years before the first Christmas. Although these words guided worshippers centuries before Christ, they only find ultimate fulfillment in Him! Come, prepare your hearts for Christmas with these words written Before Christmas.

Luke 2:21

Listen to Pastor Jeff Alexander's message from New Year's Day!


Matthew 1:18-23

Watch/Listen to the Christmas Eve message given by Pastor Jeff Alexander.


Matthew 1:18-20

Today’s message looks at how Joseph responds to the trouble in his family life. Mary is pregnant, and the child is not his. She says the baby is the Holy Spirit’s, but that's impossible for him to believe--that is, until the Lord intervenes. Joseph learns how to open the door, by the power of the Spirit. We do the same when Christ comes into the doors of our hearts and we learn to open the door to one another.


Isaiah 35:8-10

Highway construction takes a long time, doesn't it? When the Prophet Isaiah spoke of the “highway” of the Lord, “the Way of Holiness” (35:8), he had in mind the arrival of the Savior hundreds of years into the future. Today’s message helps us to better understand this concept of “holiness” and how Jesus Himself is the Way to God. When we follow this Way, “Zion” is our destination and having God dwell among us is our joy.


Psalm 72:1-7

Psalm 72 is a coronation song, written for the occasion of King Solomon’s ascension to the throne over Israel. But is Psalm 72 only talking about Solomon or someone else, too? Listen to this week’s message and see how the Forever King is revealed even 970 years before Christmas.


Psalm 122

For the First Sunday in Advent we look closely at these words of Psalm 122, which was sung by the ancients when they went up to Jerusalem to worship the Lord. As we will see, the place where God gives peace becomes the center, the hub, of His people’s lives. Jesus is the center of all, and all words of the Bible find their fulfillment in Him. Only in Him do we find peace, security and prosperity.


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