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She Stands Accepted

May 10, 2015

by Pastor Jeff Alexander

Passage: Acts 10:34-48

Series: Isn't She Lovely?

Has God's Truth ever directly confronted you with something that uprooted your biases and challenged everything you've ever known? That's Peter in Acts 10. Even though he would've known Jesus' call was for him to go to "all nations," Peter still needed the Spirit-given Word to bring him to the full realization that "all" means "all"! Peter first learns himself and then preaches to others that Jesus alone is the Savior of both Jews (like Peter) and Gentiles (not like Peter), because all people need His forgiveness, full and free! Today's message by Pastor Jeff Alexander focuses us on the completed work of Jesus Christ and the reality that all who trust in Him stand accepted, by His grace, as His Bride. | Let's connect on Twitter @Root66Route

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