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When You Are Invited

August 28, 2016

by Pastor Jeff Alexander

Passage: Luke 14:1-14

Series: Summer 2016

Sermon Notes

When invitations come in the mail, you’re asked to “R.S.V.P.” It’s French for, “Please respond!” Only a “Yes” or a “No” will do. In today’s message from Luke 14:1-14, we take a brief look at RSVP’s. How does Jesus respond when He’s invited to a feast? He mercifully heals and saves. How are we to respond to Jesus’ invitation to us? We humble ourselves so that He may lift us up. How are do we extend the invitation to others? We invite others to come to Jesus because it’s through other people that we see and serve Christ Himself. Be sure to RSVP today: Respond to the Savior’s Very Presence!

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