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Sep 2015 - May 2016


Journey through the apocalypse of Jesus Christ as recorded in the final book of the Bible: Revelation.  Under the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, the Apostle John wrote down these words of prophecy so that tired souls might discover anew the enduring hope we are freely given. Join us at Mount Olive as we get a better understanding of this 22-chapter book and grow together as followers of Christ through our message series, "Revelation: Enduring Hope for Tired Souls." 

Passage: Revelation 22:6-21


Everything that the Apostle John has heard and seen throughout this Revelation is trustworthy and true. We receive God’s Word in the same way. We know God’s Word is trustworthy and true because the source, Jesus Himself, is “Faithful and True” (Revelation 19:11). And what is the fitting response to the glorious vision of Jesus that we’ve been given? It’s twofold. First, we fall at His feet and worship Him. Secondly, we “open the scroll” and witness to others of what Christ has done, is doing, and will bring to completion on the Day He comes again. Not once, not twice, but three times, Jesus says in Revelation 22, “I am coming soon!” And to that glorious promise we join with the Church of every time and every place in saying, “Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!”

Passage: Revelation 22:1-5


Flowing down the center of God’s eternal city is the river of life. John is there. And so are you. The tree of life, from which sinful mankind was blocked in Genesis 3, is now mysteriously growing on both sides of this river. With this tree comes healing. Healing for all nations. Healing for all sinners. Healing for you in the presence of Jesus Christ Himself. Come with John the Apostle today as the angel gives us a tour of heaven. Savor what your Savior has prepared for you on that eternal Day when the curse is reversed and paradise is restored.  

Passage: Revelation 21:1-27


Death is gone. Only life remains. Revelation 21 paints the picture of the “Holy City,” God’s eternal kingdom, inviting into it all who share in Christ’s victory and have their names written in the book of life. Journey with John the Apostle today as he witnesses for us the splendor of everlasting life, helping us to fix our eyes on the one Pearl, the lasting Jewel of heaven, who alone gives new, unending life to all who receive Him. 

Passage: Revelation 20:7-15


Today's message continues where we left off last week: the "millennium" of the Lord Jesus Christ as described in Revelation 20. On the Last Day, Jesus will completely destroy the devil, after he wages a final, desperate assault on the church. After Jesus is done with him, the devil will never again terrorize God's people! Jesus will "open the books" as all will stand before Him to give an account of their lives. Once death itself has been put to death, only life will remain. And who doesn't love life?

Passage: Revelation 20:1-6


Revelation chapter 20 is one of the most disputed chapters of this book, perhaps of the entire Bible. Bible-believing Christians have various interpretations of the “millennium,” the 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ, which this chapter describes. The purpose of this cosmic vision of the End Times is not to frighten us, but to encourage us to stay focused. Apart from Christ, the various aspects of Revelation 20 will come untied (much like our lives come untied when we don’t have Christ as our “hub”). Centered on Him, the message of the millennium is united and will prove to be a source of joy for those who trust in Jesus.

Passage: Revelation 19:11-21


There’s no one like Jesus. Riding on a white horse escorted by the angelic armies, eyes piercing, sword protruding from His mouth, the words inscribed on this Warrior say it all:  He alone is “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”! There’s no one like Jesus! Today’s message helps us to see the power of the Word of God--both the message that Jesus speaks and the message Jesus embodies as the faithful, final spokesman of truth. Be uplifted today as you see the evil one brought down. In the victory of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, receive the promise of life eternal for all who give their lives to Him. 

Passage: Revelation 19:1-10


Seven words changed the history of the world: “He is not here; He has risen” (Luke 24:6). What the angels announced in the Easter Gospel is further celebrated in the worship service of Revelation 19. In this Easter Sunday message, Pastor Jeff Alexander helps us to see how the hallelujahs of heaven inspire us to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. What Jesus inaugurated on the day of His Resurrection, He will bring to completion on the Day of His return. Those who trust in Him are invited to His “wedding supper,” where we will forever feast with Him who lives and reigns to all eternity.

Passage: Revelation 17:1-18 & 18:1-24


“Babylon” describes the evil forces that oppose Jesus and His work of redemption. In Revelation chapters 17-18, “Babylon” is condemned for her spiritual harlotry. Knowing neither lasting loyalty nor genuine love, the enemies of Christ mislead people and seek to destroy their lives. However, on the Day of Christ’s return, “Babylon” herself will be demolished, and those who remain loyal to the Lamb of God will share in His victory. In this Palm Sunday message by Pastor Jeff Alexander, we’re invited to prepare for the Day of Christ’s coming with sincere songs of praise and humble hearts of faith.

Passage: Revelation 16:1-21


Seven angels holding seven bowls pour out the wrath of heaven upon the earth in the vivid vision of Revelation ch. 16. Even in His judgments, the Lord is just and true. Do we trust His justice as much as we trust His love? Both are perfect. Both are for the purpose of drawing people to Him in repentance and faith. Today’s message concludes with the stage being set for the final showdown, “Armageddon,” and the call of Jesus for His church to remain alert and ready for Him to return in glory.  


Passage: Revelation 15:1-8


World War One was said to be “the war to end all wars.” Obviously, it wasn’t. The only “war” that will bring an end to all warfare and to all of Satan’s abuse of God’s creation is the return of Christ on the “Day to end all days.” As Revelation chapter 15 describes, the 2nd Coming of Jesus will completely destroy the evil foe and his work, so that we can be completely delivered from God’s wrath and brought into His presence forever.

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